I have the same passion for this business since the first day I opened up a hot dog stand in a 6' by 12' trailer called "The Dog House" in 1963. From that day, my Golden Rules have been the same: Quality, Service, Attitude and Cleanliness. That has lead us to where we are today. As long as we can continue that, there will continue to be growth.

We spoil our guests with a place that has everything they want. And to do that, we do what a lot of places don't do. We prepare fresh food right, smack in front of the customer. We have uniquely designed spaces that are immaculate inside and out. Our team creates a fun and energetic environment that draws in our guests day after day. We are well staffed and constantly innovating our process, so our lines move quickly and orders are accurate. 


People love to work with us, because we are clearly aligned behind passionately serving our guests. We have a fraction of the turnover that similar restaurants have. We create the space to do good work, and hire the right people - and it works. A legendary environment with legendary food with legendary people - see it for yourself. 

"Once you walk into a Portillo's, or a Barnelli's, you are going to be spoiled, because of the energy you see!"

                                                                           ~ Dick Portillo